The U.S. military says it has killed 3 Islamic State fighters in drone strike carried out on April 26, 2019 in Somalia.

The strike was conducted in the Golis Mountains in coordination with government of Somalia’s continued efforts to degrade violent extremist organizations.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Gregg Olson, U.S. Africa Command director of operations, says 3 Islamic State fighters were killed in air strike in Somalia.

The raid becomes second airstrike which U.S. military has executed in coordination with Somalia against Islamic State in this month.

The first airstrike occurred on April 14, killing Abdulhakim Dhuqub, who was second in command of Islamic State group in Somalia, Olson said.

Olson says the airstrikes support Somali security force activities and build enhanced security conditions to allow time and space for governance and economic development to occur.

He added no civilians were injured or killed as a result of this airstrike.