Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre holds an emergency meeting today with African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and other stakeholders support Somalia in the security sector and the fight against terrorism to discuss the current security situation in Somalia.

The meeting was discussed and analyzed the support for the strategic military plans on countering Al-Shabaab threats prepared by the Somali National Army Command which aims to bring about closer regional and international coordination in the fight against terrorism to retake the terrorist stronghold villages in the country as the preparations are under way all over the country.

The Prime minister stressed the need for a comprehensive convention against terrorist groups like Al-shabab, arguing that the Somali government will no longer tolerate the terrorist activities and safe havens continued to persist in the country and promised to wipe out those terrorist groups.

The Ambassadors of United States, United Kingdom, African Union, the EU Deputy Ambassador to Somalia and the AMISOM force commander attended the meeting fully supported the Strategy and the efforts with the aiming of bringing the Al-shabab terrorist group to an end.

The Somali government leader’s first priority is to ensure the safety and security in Somalia as they are planning a major steps towards ending the plight of extremist groups whom stood against the country’s development.

Somali government continued its significant efforts to develop and empower institutions that would counter terrorist group’s efforts to recruit and find safe havens for their activities so as to plot terror attacks against the civilian targets amid the government continue to update its strategies for fighting and degrading them.