What does Turkey aim by having its largest overseas military base in Somalia, how the countries in the region evaluate it?

The relations between Turkey and African countries are at the highest point, Turkish Foreign Ministry’s Director General for Africa Ahmet Riza Demirer said.

Answering the questions of Anadolu Agency’s correspondents on May 25 Africa Day, Demirer said the ties gained momentum over the past 10 years.

He said that Africa would take more place on the world’s agenda in the 21st century, adding that the continent need to perform a balanced and rapid growth.

Anadolu agency asgency asked Ahmer Riza What does Turkey aim by having its largest overseas military base in Somalia, how the countries in the region evaluate it? and olso asked, What is the perspective of the countries in the region toward the base?

Ahmet Riza Demirer said expalained the Question of anadolu with long term he said “Somalia is not a place of competition for us. We do not compete with any other country in Somalia. Somalia is a very important country for us. We are the country that changed the destiny of Somalia. We want the countries, which see us as competitors from time to time, to work for the development and welfare of this place. Our Military training base is there to support security, humanitarian aid and development goals. Somalia has had a serious management problem for 30 years. The country has great quality people and great history. People in Somalia are aware of what they are doing, but of course it is not easy to reach consensus. The country needs security forces and an army to ensure its safety. For 30 years, armed militias, local and state-affiliated forces are present in the country. For this reason, Somalia needs a national army. Our military training base there is working on the establishment of a national army, military and officer training on the request of Somalia. We have no goal of keeping the army under our own command. Trained soldiers will serve in Somalia’s national army. In Somalia, UAE, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are also provide training. We our different in a way that we are working towards the goal of bringing solution to the problems. By doing things which other countries cannot do, we want to train soldiers who are faithful to the national consciousness of Somalia. We consider this not as a short-term but as a lasting solution.”

Finaly Turkey Helping Somalia since 2011, currently  If you want to fly to Mogadishu, it will likely be via Turkish Airlines, the only international carrier flying into Somalia. You will arrive in a spanking new terminal run by Favori LLC, a Turkish company. The roads are freshly tarmacked by TIKA, Turkey’s development agency. The solar-powered street lights, also from TIKA. The Turkish Red Crescent provides everything from refuse collection, road construction, waste water treatment to debris removal. Several thousand Somali students also study in Turkey on government scholarships. In all, Turkey doesn’t suffer from a lack of ambition.

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